At the top of our website it says Innovate, Engage, Create. This is the basis of our process. Here is our process explained…


First of all, is innovate. All our productions take a strategic approach so that we can harness the power of video to tell your story. To cut through the noise we help you come up with a video that is innovative, something that is different from the norm. In a world where video is king of content yours must stand out. Coupling together eye-catching visuals with a strong storyline is key.


Leading on from the initial ideas of your project it must become something people are compelled to take positive action. Whether that is getting in touch, buying one of your products or just find out more about you. Taking this innovative and dynamic approach from the first step means we create a video that not only looks great but will create a great call to action.


Then we get on to actually creating your video content. We take those initial plans and create a production plan ready for our time on set. Once on set, we direct your production whilst using our expertise to get the shot. We take the innovation to the next level by employing the very latest technologies, ideas and camera techniques.

After all the filming is complete then our in-house editing team get to work on producing your video. Once complete, we can publish it online for you, set up social media campaigns or just offer guidance on the best way to distribute your video. We work with you to get the best out of your production.

We believe that keeping you involved and in touch with your project is important. That’s why you will always have a single point of contact with us the whole way through your project from idea to completion. We are always keen to bring on board new ideas and projects. You can get in touch with us here.